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Why do I own an AB autographed helmet?

Not a good week for anyone owning an autographed Antonio Brown helmet. Oh well. It was cheap, and I was drunk when I "won" it at an auction a few years ago. Thank god he didn't go Full Monty on the sideline (for the historical records, he pretty much stripped and walked off the field during a game while with Tampa against the Jets).

Well time for a new bottle - #2 out of 1,200. Had to pick a red blend to mix it up. BTW I now look forward to the two days a week when I get to pick a new bottle (kind of like "whoopie" days for married couples although twice a week would be a stretch for most married couples). The new bottle is a 2010 Inglenook Rubicon. My purchases of this wine date all the way back to the 1994 vintage. Back then the winery was known as Rubicon - owned by Francis Ford Coppola - who eventually restored/purchased the whole Inglenook estate/brand in future years. Beautiful winery right in the heart of Rutherford near Napa. This is their flagship wine. Per their tech sheet the 2010 vintage was the coolest growing season in 30 years (not applicable to me since I lived in DFW that year). This bottle is a blend of Cab, Cab Franc, Petite Verdot and Merlot. I am now on to glass #2 tonight - definitely not a very fruity wine (it's aged 11+ years so it's smooth) but I like it - very good but not great IMO. Interesting that they don't disclose the blending %'s of the various grapes. Predominantly cab with cab franc, some petite verdot for coloring and a touch of merlot is my unqualified opinion of the blend. I'll add a picture and more background on the winery tomorrow. Cheers!

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