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The Godfather of Napa Wines

Francis Ford Coppola purchased a "portion" the old Inglenook Estate back in 1975 probably from the proceeds of the Godfather. In 1995 he purchased the remaining property. It truly is a really cool and beautiful winery. Out of the roughly 1,200 bottles, about 90 are from Inglenook/Rubicon. The flagship Rubicon from 2010 that I am polishing off tonight (a day early I may add - it's been a long two days since returning from the holiday break) was about $150-$175 when I originally purchased it in 2012. Relatively pricey but by no means one of the CA "cult" wines (like Harlan). We stopped being members at Inglenook after the 2013 vintage - no bad reason other than I had a lot of it.

Day two the wine is even flatter than Day one. Looking forward to thirsty Thursday tomorrow (I think that's a phrase I haven't used since my college days at the Harvard of the Southwest) and a new bottle - feel free to suggest a variety. Cheers everyone and stay healthy out there!

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