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Russian River - Pinot Heaven

I might have mentioned in one of my previous blogs that our first trip to wine country was to Healdsburg - the heart of the Russian River appellation north of the Bay area and Sonoma (about 90 minutes north of SF). Moshira and I first visited there in December 1993 and fell in love with it, probably a few years after a group of really great winemakers started planting pinot in that area given the cooler weather due to the fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. We visited Joseph Swan, Rochioli and Martinelli on that trip and I fell in love with pinot. I describe it as the "elegant" wine. So my wine tonight (after the rather odd pinot-like-zin from KB last night) is a 2014 Cirq Treehouse. Cirq was founded by Michael Browne from KB (the B in KB) after he sold off KB (or left not sure which). I believe that wines are like sports teams - some of our teams are great because of the nature of the franchise (for wine this would be the location or vineyards) and some teams are great because of the coaches (for wine it would be winemakers). So in this case I followed the coach to a new location but one still in the Russian River Valley.

This particular bottle is less cherry than a typical KB - more distinguished IMO - subtle hints of different fruits such as raspberries or plums. Really enjoyable upon opening. I only have 19 bottles of Cirq because of their limited production. This bottle has scored well from various community tasting notes. Cheers!

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Mar 24, 2022

I'm on night 2 of this Russian River Pinot. We've visited the winery on almost every trip out there. They are a lower price point which is nice at times and have quite a variety.

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