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I am Back.....

Wow it's been a long time. On and off health issues, crazy year in all regards, lots of travel. One thing has generally remained constant - I have consumed lots of wine - over 100 bottles (102 to be exact) YTD. Still on pace for consuming 1200 bottles over the next ten years - liver willing. I was "inspired" to post another blog by a wine I was drinking - no surprise. I opened a 2002 Rubicon (Francis Ford Coppola's winery). Moshira and I had been members there probably from around 1996 (recently stopped - too many bottles). The 2002 was an exceptional bottle and noteworthy for the winery in that it was the first Rubicon made inside the storied Inglenook winery facility that Coppola purchased (FWIW the winery is now called Inglenook as he has restored the property to its original glory - his words not wine). In honor of that accomplishment back in 2002 he renamed the winery Rubicon Estate (from Niebaum Coppola). He clearly likes rebranding. Twenty years later this 2002 vintage is drinking wonderfully. Beautiful purple coloring, soft tannins, black cherries with a hint of chocolate. So good I had to blog again and add a photo (with my lucky turtle lamp behind the bottle)! Cheers!

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