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Back from El Paso on NFL Championship Sunday and I haven't watched a minute of the first game nor will I watch any NFL today (holding to my vow). Instead I watched other shows. Like most of us, the network news today is just so politicized I rarely watch any news cast. However, I do like the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Jane Pauley as there are usually only uplifting stories (it's like the opposite of their 60 Minutes). Today they did a segment on my favorite store - Buc-ee's. Great story - great stores - great bathrooms - great beef jerky -what more could you want on a roadtrip pit stop.

Grilling ribs and chicken wings tonight so I opened another Syrah which I figured would go good with the BBQ - a 2015 Reynvaan Foothills Reserve. I'll talk more about the wine and winery tomorrow night. I believe this is bottle #16 for my first month - not a bad start to the long marathon and so much for sober January. Below is a pic of the bottle wedged between my Parsley and Oregano plants that were enjoying the warm 70 degree winter day. Cheers!

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