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789 Pounds

That's how much wine I received at my wine storage facility last year (shameless plug for Classic Wine Storage and Mark Nelson - various locations throughout DFW). That came in 36 boxes. If the average filled wine bottle is 2.65 lbs (per google) then I received almost 300 bottles of wine in 2021 - which seems a tad high given I have 1200 bottles on hand and we were in a pandemic. So now pounds of wine received is a KPI for me.

On to the wine from last night, which I will finish tonight - a 2013 Gary Farrell Russian River pinot from their Toboni Vineyard. This was a really good pinot (even Moshira tasted it and liked it a lot). Lots of cherry flavors. It didn't really score well in Wine Spectator out the shoot (88 rating upon release) but it just goes to show that ratings can change over time and are in the glass of the beholder (wine humor). The winery itself is located a bit west/southwest of Healdsburg nestled in the Dry Creek area along westside road I believe. We visited once a long time ago when Gary started receiving great reviews for his chardonnay and pinot. He worked with some of the best early makers of pinot including another of my favorites Rochioli. He sold the winery in 2004 but I kept buying thru around 2013/14. I always get a bit hesitant when the owner winemaker sells (see earlier post on Donum) but usually it's the land not the winemaker that creates the great wines. The picture below displays the bottle on this beautiful table my wife made from scratch with some wooden wine boxes we have - she is quite the woodworker - that sits over top my cigar humidor. Cheers!

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