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What a Great Night

TGIF. My son Zach who was supposed to head off to UCLA tomorrow for his junior year winter quarter received news today that the campus would still be remote until the end of January due to Covid - so he gets to stay with us another two weeks. While it kind of sucks for him, Moshira and I decided to celebrate by lighting up the wood grill and opening up Bottle #4 a 2007 Joseph Phelps Insignia - one of my favorite bottles.

Look at me sporting the retro Think Finance vest in 42 degree weather! I love this type of weather - cold enough (but not too cold) to put the bottle outside and let in chill in natural temperature. For some reason all wine seems to taste better when it is chilled outside in naturally cold temps. The Insignia is their flagship wine, a red blend. The 2007, which was a great Napa vintage, is 88% cab. 8% merlot and 4% petit verdot. We'll talk more tomorrow about this. I need to get back to pounding the bottle. Cheers!

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