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The Biggest Game of My Life

My good friends know this is my favorite football saying and I am thirty minutes away from Bills vs Chiefs. To become a Bills fan in the early 80's (Joe Cribbs/Joe Ferguson days) and then lose four straight Super Bowls, well the Bills Mafia deserves a title more than any other NFL franchise. And I will not rest until they get one! Great day yesterday - El Gigante and then Fluffy. El Gigante is my best friend Ken's son Peyton who plays for the El Paso Rhinos as their goalie. Saw him play in person yesterday vs the Jr Stars and he got the W! Then off to the AAC for Moshira's favorite comic Fluffy who grew up right down the 91 freeway from her in Long Beach - yes "the" 91. I finished off the Anomaly and now it's on to my first Syrah this month - a 2014 Flanagan. Love the earthy flavors of a good Syrah. Go Bills and Cheers.

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Jan 24, 2022

Great game, but heartbreaking!!

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