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I know I am biased being an ASU alum, but is there a cooler and more beloved fictional mascot than Sparky the Sun Devil who is celebrating his 75th (yes 75th) anniversary. Every child of an ASU fan adores Sparky and even Mike Leach noted that if there was a Battle Royale of Pac 12 mascots, Sparky would probably win because of his pitchfork and satanic powers. Anyhow, happy 75th platinum jubilee (had to look that one up) to Sparky (he even makes for a great tattoo).

It's Feb 1st so being the Chief Bookkeeper that I am I had to "close the books" on January wine consumption - 16 bottles and pretty good diversification amongst varieties (no more than three of one type) and I think roughly 15 different wineries. Here's to the second month (and shortest) of the first leg of my marathon. Feb's first bottle is a 2013 Gary Farrell Russian River pinot noir - went well with the asian chicken we cooked tonight to celebrate the lunar New Year! I'll talk more about the wine and winery tomorrow. Cheers!

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