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Shazam, that's the NBA Supershot

Suns at the Mavs tonight and I am not there (didn't have tix). My catchy blog title is courtesy of the Suns great play by play announcer Al McCoy - whenever the Suns would hit a three pointer that was his line. Fun fact, the last time the Mavs beat the Suns was November 2019, the longest active losing streak in the NBA (time wise). And I was there - my first Suns game in years in Phoenix. We were back for Thanksgiving and I took both my boys and a friend and we watched Luka beat a not yet good Suns team. This was pre-pandemic (funny how our lives are quickly becoming pre- and post- pandemic). Btw I love Luka but am still glad the Suns took Ayton over him (assuming we win the title this year). Aircraft Carriers > big guards IMO. Here's a crappy shot of our nose bleed seats from that game. The Purple Palace in all it's glory! BTW the Suns still have the best NBA mascot in the gorilla!

Finishing off the Regusci Zin tonight. Must admit it's been so long since I have had a zin and I actually like it much better than expected. Normally zins have a pretty peppery flavor IMO, almost burnt or cayenne like. This one didn't and given I was grilling tri-tip outside in twenty degree weather I put the bottle outside to chill and it was great. Mentioned it before, nothing like a naturally chilled outdoor bottle of wine. Cheers!

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