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Rise up Red Sea

Third straight night game for NFL wildcard weekend for me - Monday night Cards at LA. Steelers went out with a dud last night. So my hopes for 2 out 3 rests with Kyler and the Cards. Every now and then I'll post an old pre-internet pic from our family photo albums (yes son we have old hard copy kodak moments). Here is one from the first time Moshira and I ever wine tasted - late summer 1993.

Classic old school photo (Moshira took the picture since she isn't in it and selfie sticks were not yet invented). We hooked up with her friend Gidget and her future husband Pat. They lived near Tiburon and we went and tasted wine at St Francis and then Matanzas Creek which made one of the best merlots IMO. We tasted in Sonoma and then went for a picnic (photo) at an outdoor Shakespeare play rather than a Giants game at the Stick. I thank them for introducing Moshira and me to wine tasting. Second night of finishing off the only Sangiovese in my inventory. Cheers and Go Cards!

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