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Repeat After Me

I will not watch sports again, I will not watch sports again. 10 years from now I will still be scarred from last night. On to the wine. First Syrah I have had this month and second bottle from Flanagan. This is not the best Syrah I own - I really prefer the state of WA syrahs like Reynvaan or Horsepower (I am still on the never ending waitlist for Cayuse), but I wanted to drink a syrah and god knows Flanagan shipped me a lot of them every year (mainly because I didn't want pinot from them since I already have so much pinot).

Thought I would proudly display the bottle in front of one of our Egyptian artifacts (burial mask on papyrus - cool). Love some of the tasting notes on this wine - hints of bacon fat, dried herbs and leather - well at least one of those three is appealing. Cheers!

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