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NFL Wildcard Weekend

Wearing an old Raiders jersey today from my old Silicon Valley days when Gruden coached them the first time as I watch the Raiders vs Bengals. Then will don my Bills mafia jersey for the prime time match up tonight - Bills vs Cheating Bill and the Pats.

Anyhow finishing off the Lambert Bridge bottle from last night. This 2003 (one of my older bottles) was 55% cab, 38% merlot with some petite verdot, cab franc and even 1% malbec. Lambert Bridge is a very pretty winery in the heart of Dry Creek just west of Healdsburg. They have the best fireplace of any winery in that area. On and off long-time members. I remember carrying our son Zach in there when he was a baby (hey new parents that can't find sitters are allowed to drive three hours to go wine tasting with their baby). My mom loves their Chardonnay (me not so much). Cheers

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