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My Favorite Weekend of the Year

NFL Draft weekend - yes I am a draft geek - always have been. I have watched every NFL Draft since it was first televised by ESPN way back in 1979/1980. Mom would let me skip school to watch it all day. Great Mom - Great Day - and now it's a whole weekend. One year I'll attend in person. On to the wine, have had a few good bottles since I last posted including a 2014 Donum Carneros Pinot - always love their labels which feature the Chinese Year of the .... 2014 was the horse. I really wish the winemaker hadn't left to start Blue Farms. I consider older Donums better than KB or any other CA pinot maker - at least more burgundy-like. Wine Spectator aptly describes the wine as "elegant." Also had a 2016 Flanagan Merlot - while not a Duckhorn this was actually a pretty high scoring wine for Flanagan that year. Last night I opened a 2013 Rubicon which I found rather flat. Normally this is a blend - bordeaux style, but the winery notes that the 2013 cab was so expressive they made it 100% of this bottling - which might have worked early in the bottling but probably didn't pay off over time given how flat and unexpressive the wine is nine years later. That's typically been my complaint with the more recent vintages of Rubicon that I own and why I stopped being a member. Don't tell the Godfather (Coppola). Cheers!

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