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It's Been About a Month

So my last blog was Feb 8th (today is Mar 5th) and that blog was titled it's been a few days - now it's been about a month. So lets get caught up. First I caught some auto-immune disease (at least that's my self-diagnosis after visiting Urgent Care, the ER, my doctor, and finally an allergist all in one week). The meds (a healthy cocktail of allergy meds) made it go away or at least suppressed it. Then we (Moshira and me) went to Miami and Key West for a weekend (work and pleasure) - hadn't been to Key West since 1997. Ate lots of great seafood (stone crab, oysters, peel and eat shrimp). Flew back and then received some of the worst news in my life - my best friend Ken (who I was just with in El Paso a few weeks ago) passed away suddenly from a heart attack. First Jay, then Ken, all within one month. Ken and I have been best friends since high school. Went to the funeral this past week in Flagstaff (AZ). Gut wrenching seeing his family. Gone way too soon! Moshira comes back from LA today where she was visiting her mom and my mom flies back to Phx (she was staying with us to watch our dogs while we were in Fla.).

I have had a few bottles wine the past few weeks. Three standout - one of my 2008 Caymus Special Selections (pure cab heaven), a 2018 Turkey Zin from a wine tasting event (she still makes the best zinfandel in my opinion - full of figs and plums) and then a bottle of Dom from my good friend Jason to celebrate in Miami. Also had a 2015 Donum Pinot from the Anderson Valley. I won't count any of these against my 1200 bottle goal since I didn't blog about them. I'll start blogging again tomorrow - went to my wine cellar today and brought home about two dozen bottles. Cheers with a heavy heart.

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