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It's an Anomaly

That's what I am opening tonight - a 2012 Anomaly Vineyards Cabernet. We found this winery about 10 years ago, right outside downtown St Helena just north of Napa. The winery pretty much just focuses on cabs. I bought a lot of their cabs for a few years and then recently stopped. They are good, smooth, but not really powerful IMO. Tonight is bittersweet for me (BTW the Suns did beat the Mavs last night with a 4th quarter comeback). Tomorrow Moshira comes from back from a week in LA with her family (btw whenever I type LA it is always Los Angeles, not Louisiana - if I was still in Phx I would never need to clarify that - I have been in Louisiana once in my life and my wife never has). Always miss her when she is gone and I probably won't blog tomorrow because I am taking her to see Fluffy one of her favorite comedians. But tomorrow is a bit sad because my oldest son Zach heads back to college and UCLA. Even though they are probably still "remote" he has had enough of his Texas home and wants to hang with his friends in his rental house just off the UCLA campus (that's a no-brainer for me) - so I am happy he gets to go back to daily Covid tests as part of the UC Socialist system to test for the invisible enemy.

So to send him off I grilled filets once again on an open flame. Cheers!

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