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In the Beginning

In one of these first blogs I mentioned I started drinking wine in 1993 shortly before I met Moshira. Like all "bad" habits you start off small and cheap - $12 bottles, a few bottles here and there. Then you make that first "mistake" or is it "commitment" - a wine rack to hold the bottles at home (or your apartment, because even back in 1993 houses were crazy expensive in the Bay area - and mind you the internet did not really exist in 1993 so the Silicon Valley was well just really silicon chips). Below is a photo of our first wine rack in Moshira's apartment in Monterey:

Don't make me explain the Colorado Rockies cap other than they were practically an expansion team back then - I have no affinity for that franchise or city. Notice the hideous tapestry Moshira hung on her wall (I would have preferred a Warhol). But then there is me with my arm around my baby - a wine rack that held I believe 24 bottles. I think we bought it at Cost Plus along with a few cheap bottles of wine - two chardonnays, I think a Riesling and then cabs or merlots. A whopping nine bottles! Little did we know then how much wine we would have consumed over the next almost 30 years. Cheers!

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