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Here We Go!

Steelers, Here We Go! My Bills thoroughly dominated the Pats last night scoring a TD on every possession, an NFL playoff record. No punts, no turnovers, no field goals. Tonight it's Steelers vs Chiefs and another new bottle. I am cooking pasta tonight (Moshira rarely lets me cook pasta as she feels it's unhealthy for me and the boys). So to celebrate I am opening up what I believe is my only bottle of Sangiovese, my favorite Italian grape. This bottle is from Frank Family - we are not members and to my recollection have only visited there once, but it is related to one of my favorite wineries Rombauer (if you like buttery chardonnay that's the one to buy). Anyhow the fact that they made a 2010 Sangiovese must of made me buy it - very few wineries in Napa make Sangiovese. Couldn't pass it up and hard to believe I have waited over 11 years to open it (probably a year or two less since vintages are always released after a few years).

So dinner tonight, in case you are wondering is Ricotto Gnocchi, my favorite pasta. Go Steelers! Cheers

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