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Happy New Year 2022!

Well not exactly the start to the New Year I planned. I have been under the weather but my at home Covid test was negative (yea!). However the sinus headache from my head cold caused a migraine of all migraines today. Needless to say my first bottle of wine, nothing special BTW, turned into only one glass before I had to hit the medicine and my wife (Moshira) cut me off. Hopefully I make a speedy recovery from the Covid-protocol list and can return to the lineup tomorrow for three glasses (or more) of this bottle.

So what was the bottle?

- a 2014 Donum Russian River (single vineyard) pinot noir. Candidly this was my favorite pinot winery in CA, however the original winemaker Anne Moller-Racke left a year or so ago to start her own label (Blue Farms) which we will drink at a later date. Anyhow Donum is in the Carneros region of Napa. I think their pinot is more burgundy-like than any of the other CA pinots I drink. This one was very good, although I only had one glass. Looking forward to killing the bottle tomorrow while watching a full day of NFL football - my Bills vs the Falcons and then my Cardinals vs the Cowboys here in Dallas. Yes I have almost as many sports teams as I do club memberships in wineries.

Cheers! chris

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