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Eating Out

Had a really good work dinner at Del Friscos last night with my Finance managers. Besides their great steaks I love reading thru their wine list (which is like 12 pages) and trying to select what white and red wines I want for the group. Settled on reasonably priced (which is hard to do today) 2019 Kistler chardonnay and 2018 O'Shaunessy cab. Both were very good IMO, especially for the price at a restaurant. One thing I'll point out is I always try to buy somewhat older reds but usually there is a bit of bait and switch going on. A lot of the cheaper bottles of red from good wineries were 2019's which is way too young IMO. I selected a 2017 O'Shaunessy and not to my surprise they brought out a 2018 (same price as the 2017 of course they just hadn't updated the wine list). Very sloppy from my perspective and almost borderline negligent since vintages can vary greatly from year to year. It turned out great so I guess I got lucky.

Anyhow below is one of my favorite photos of me and my late great friend Ken. We liked the same sports teams (ASU, Steelers, Giants in MLB, Suns) except hockey where I liked the Pens and in this photo the Sharks - he was a diehard Red Wings fan. This is from a Sharks Red Wings game. God we looked so young back then - probably a mid-90's photo from the Shark Tank. Also adding a few photos of the wines I drank while I was on my medical sabbatical :)

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