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Earl Campbell Day

I am now at bottle #34 in my adventure and that was the uniform number of the great Earl Campbell. While I am not a UT or Houston Oilers fan, I always loved Earl's Skoal TV commercial from the 1970's. It's difficult for some reason to find a good link - but just google it. "Got the sea, got the breeze, got my Skoal, nothing gonna make me move - think I'll play some touch - Skoal bruther"

So since I am celebrating an iconic TV commercial for a long-ago football player for a product that is no longer advertised on TV because it causes gum cancer (and killed Tony Gwynn), I opened a really good bottle of Bevan Cellars 2012 Syrah (Moaveni Vineyard) in Bennett Valley (just like the Flanagan merlot). Smoother than my WA Syrahs, but every bit as powerful. I kind of chuckled when some of the reviews described blue fruit, but it does. Also has a tapenade type flavor. Really interesting. Cheers - Skoal Bruther

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