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Crazy Sunday

Started the morning praying the rosary rather than going to church (my wife and I are catholic) and ended watching a bunch of NFL football. Put away almost all the Xmas decorations. But the highlight of the day was watching my son Matt's 7 on 7 football league up in Keller in pretty cold temps (with high winds). They lost both games today but the talent level was incredible. His teammate Carter made an unbelievable one handed TD grab against Keller (ruled out of bounds) but man 7 on 7 is great because small schools with small players can still compete. Kudos for all those Texas kids playing in t-shirts and shorts in 40 degree weather. Football season in Texas never ends!

Finishing up the Baer Merlot. Really good bottle for the price. Washed down some of my chicken wings and wife's kafta with this wine (and having a final glass while writing this blog and watching the final round of the PGA from Kapalua). Great end to the week. Cheers!

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