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CFB Title Game - Who Cares?

Outside of the states of GA and AL (I think AL is the two letter abbreviation for the great state of Alabama - Arkansas is AR and Alaska is AK, but I digress) who really cares about watching essentially the same few teams from the same few (one) conference play against each other (again)? The SEC, the transfer portal and especially NIL have destroyed college football. I will not watch the game on any of the umpteen channels ESPN is broadcasting on, not even if the Manning brothers are arguing over how their two SEC alma maters are irrelevant in the CFB Bowl Series. Now if the two remaining Lutes brothers are arguing over whether Pitt or Penn St is the better current football program, maybe our mom will watch that.

On to bottle #6 - back to a pinot. I selected a 2014 Arista Russian River pinot. I really prefer Arista's chardonnay over their pinot (IMO they make one of the best chards every year but we'll probably wait until summertime when it's warmer to crack one of those bottles). The tech sheet for this one had a new description for me anyway - hints of gingerbread - which I do detect (they must have caught one - I re-watched Shrek over the holidays). Their pinot is so different than the cherry bombs from Kosta Browne. Most prefer KB over Arista but I liken them to differences between siblings - they just have different styles. Go Dawgs (just because I love Darla my bulldog niece)

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