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California White Wines

My first California white wine was a Morgan Chardonnay - not sure what year but I ordered it at one of our favorite restaurants in Carmel in the mid-90's (the restaurant was Rio Grill). Since then I have had an on again off again affair with CA Chardonnay, even though it has definitely improved over the decades. Part of the issue is my guilt with loving buttery chards such as Rombauer, although over time my white palate has become more sophisticated or at least more expensive. Currently I love Kistler, Arista and even KB chards, and throw in others such as Lambert Bridge, still an occasional Rombauer (or even an off-shoot of them - Lloyds) and when I want a Sauvignon Blanc it's inevitably a Peter Michael Les Apris. So finally the TX weather turned warm today and I finally cracked open a white - my first (excluding champagne) since the start of this quest and the new year (almost 90 days in - we even filed our 10K before I had a chardonnay).

Today I opened a 2017 KB Anderson Valley Cerise Vineyard Chardonnay. I really like the Anderson Valley, nestled between the Russian River Valley and Mendocino. I had this wine while hanging out in the jacuzzi (I'll spare a photo even though I was wearing a neck to toe old-timers bathing suit) while smoking a brisket and some sausage (I did not have the white wine with that - that would be sacrilege). Cheers!

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