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A $5,000 Bottle of Wine

No that's not what I am drinking today, or probably ever, but in reading Wine Spectator that did catch my eye. The 2019 Petrus was just released for $5,295 and that compared to Chateau Cheval Blanc that scored just as well for $500. So the accountant in me asks would you rather have 10 bottles of the Cheval Blanc or one bottle of the Petrus?

Getting close to wrapping up our stay in Keystone. Today is the day off for the skiers as they skied Sun/Mon and then will ski Wed/Thur. We'll leave Thursday and hopefully be back in FW on Friday. Tonight I am cracking open a 2016 Baer Ursa which is a red blend - 38% merlot and 38% cab franc - probably my two favorite varietals, rounded out with 22% cab and 2% malbec. Speaking of cab franc - I joined the Favia winery club today because they produce a $225 bottle of cab franc, probably the best in Napa. Shame on me but I couldn't resist (I'll bet I like it more than a $5k Petrus). Cheers!

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