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Working on my Mac

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Trying to do this from my personal MacBook for the first time. I have so many old photos on this Mac that it's easier than emailing them to my work PC. Plus I doubt I'll still be working 10 years from now. Here's a pretty photo of the Duckhorn tasting room from 2015 and then me tasting back then along with a photo of my wife and her sister and cousin tasting as well. They really load you up with wine glasses at 10am in the morning. I had to take a nap at lunch after tasting here then Joseph Phelps afterwards (getting old - long gone are the days of tasting at six different wineries in one day).

One other note on Duckhorn - they are now publicly traded and also own Kosta Browne. I own a lot of bottles of both. The Stout merlot tasted better yesterday. New bottle tomorrow - yea! Cheers.

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