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The Immaculate Bottle

It's the day after Xmas - closing out 2022 with more heartbreak and a little bit of fun. First the heartbreak. This past weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the Steelers first playoff win and the Immaculate Reception. Sadly Franco passed away a few days before this celebration, which also included retiring his number 32. I found out about this while vacationing in the Cayman Islands (the bit of fun this past week). The weather there was perfect, mid 80's and no humidity, a far cry from the freezing temps in DFW.

I had two older bottles of wine this past weekend upon returning home - a 2001 Merryvale Profile and a 2005 Joseph Phelps Insignia. The JP bottle was much better - it was rated a 98 that year and the composition was 92% cab, 7% petit verdot and 1% merlot. A rather odd blend from my perspective given the low % of merlot and no cab franc included (much to the delight of my wife who dislikes the earthy flavor cab franc imparts upon blends). Candidly I didn't expect much from the 2001 Profile. Merryvale usually makes good but not great wines, and this was one of the last vintages we purchased (we purchased quite a bit between 1997 and 2001 as SVB banked that winery). I still have a 1998 Profile that I'll open soon. The Profile was much "lighter" than the JP, probably because of the age and the blend - only 65% cab and 27% merlot, with 5% cab franc and the remainder petit verdot. That 27% merlot puckered out over the past 20 years but it was still a nice wine. I had the JP with our Xmas dinner - a wonderful beef filet tenderloin (about 4lbs) that my wife seared and baked.

Not sure if I'll post again this week but I did close out the year by drinking exactly 120 bottles despite my various diets and medical problems. On pace for consuming 1200 bottles over ten years. Unfortunately that goal was to deplete my wine inventory over those ten years. And while I consumed 120, I also purchased 115 red wines during the year (I don't inventory whites) so chances are my total inventory of wine increased during 2022. I have a wine addiction clearly. Anyhow, I enjoyed a vast majority of those 120 bottles and look forward to another 120 in 2023. Cheers!

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