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Survived the Tornado Threat

Crazy weather here yesterday (not unusual for DFW in the spring). Tornados touched down in numerous locations throughout the state including 60 miles northwest of us in Jacksboro. Thoughts and prayers to all those affected. It delayed my son Zach coming home for spring break yesterday but he just arrived today - had to fly standby as he was rescheduled for tomorrow - crazy how understaffed and under-planed the airlines are nowadays - any weather delay really throws their schedules into a mess.

Well tonight I am opening a bottle of 2013 Kosta Browne Sonoma Coast pinot - wow this really has a unique flavor from my perspective compared to the usually very cherry Kosta Browne's - this one has hints of vanilla and spice - almost dare I say zin-like. So this appellation is located south of their Russian River appellation - this one is near Petaluma but it also contains grapes from their Walala vineyard which is two hours north and per them this is what brings the spice characteristics - interesting. Candidly I prefer the cherry vs the spice. We'll see how it opens up throughout the night and tomorrow. Cheers!

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