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One of My Go-To Wines

Almost the end of Jan - month one of possibly my ten year journey to consume 1200 bottles of wine, and yet I had not cracked open one bottle of my Kosta Browne collection - my go to pinot wine! Tonight I end the drought. I own more KB than any other wine - 186 bottles of pinot plus probably a dozen chardonnay. Over time I have probably soured a little bit on KB, mainly because it is so damn consistent, vintage to vintage, vineyard to vineyard. My palate is not good enough to really discern the differences that I am sure exist. But nonetheless, if I have company over at my house and I want to open a wine that I know they'll enjoy, it's typically a bottle of Kosta Browne. God knows how long we have been members, at least since 2011 per my order history on their website - that was a great order as it included the 2009 Sonoma Coast which was Wine Spectators 2011 Wine of the Year! BTW I love their website slogan - "Obsessed with Pinot." When I moved to Texas 15 years ago it was so damn hot in the summer that I went thru about a five month period where it was too hot to drink red blends or cabs - instead I turned to more delicate Pinots, mainly Gary Farrell or Williams Selyem at that time (around 2007-2009). Since then I now have more KB than any other winery and have spent (no lie) $35k on their wine per their website and my order history. Yikes, eh Cheers!

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