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I am back after a night at the Rodeo

Went to Bulls Night Out at the FW Rodeo last night so sorry about no blog (I am sure the silence was deafening). Second time going - it's my once a year time to wear my boots and cowboy hat. Tonight I decided to open a bottle of 2014 Regusci Zinfandel. This winery and this variety always hold a special place in my heart. I previously worked at Silicon Valley Bank in the 1990's thru 2001. While there we banked Regusci Winery and they held a tasting/dinner for us one night. It was there that I met their dog "Merlot" which gave us something in common because we named our first dog Zinfandel (or Zin). We rescued her in 1998 shortly after buying our first house. Pound for pound she had to be the strongest dog in the world (half yellow lab half rhodesian ridgeback - hyper and powerful). She once chewed up a VHS videocassette because we had left her alone in the house - and she bled everywhere. Anyhow I don't drink much Zin nowadays but I thought I would open this one tonight. Made me think of Zin (picture below). Love the winery (we are on again off again members) and they make a great Merlot and great Red Blends. Cheers!

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