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Farewell Big Ben

It's Monday night which means it's MNF - and it's Big Ben's last home game in all likelihood. He has been with the Steelers the entire life of my youngest son Matt who is now 17. So I am tailgating now at home with Day 3 of the 2014 Donum RR Pinot. Definitely need to finish the bottle tonight - amazing how the taste of wine changes over three days in the bottle. Gone is the smooth, delicate plum/cherry flavors replaced by a rather spicy/peppery flavor that probably arises from oxidation (I am an accounting major so don't make me explain that term - when I hear that term it simply means the wine isn't as good as what it was when it was opened a day or so ago). In other words it's the wine gods are cursing me for not drinking the bottle faster.

Some quick inventory notes since this is still bottle number one. I have 1,100 bottles in the wine storage facility and 99 at home. At home I don't have an inventory of what I have as I tend to be too drunk to keep good notes. So when I move a wine bottle from storage to home is when I delete it from the inventory - at home wine is kind of like petty cash to me. Of the 1,100 bottles in storage 390 are pinots, 310 cabs, 225 red blends, 140 syrahs, 25 merlots, 10 champagnes and the rest misc. All of my white wine I keep at home since they don't age long. Life's too short to pay to store white wine in a facility. Cheers and Here We Go one last time with Ben!

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